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About the Holy Bible Robert Ingersoll
A Treatise of the Corruption Of Scripture, Councils And Fathers By Church Of Rome (1843) Thomas James
A Concise View Of Evidences And Corruptions Of Christianity (1838) P.M. Carey
A Critical Enquiry Into The History Of Jesus Christ  Author Unknown
Among The Gentiles; Greco Roman Religion And Christianity (2009) John J. Collins
An Introduction to the New Testament Manuscripts and their Texts (2008) D.C. Parker
Antiquity Unveiled_Ancient Voices Proving Christianity To Be Of Heathen Origin (1894)  Jonathan Roberts
Are The Gospels Eyewitness Accounts Steven Carr
At The Origins Of Christian Worship (1999) Larry Hurtado
Beyond Born Again: Towards Evangelical Maturity (1993) Robert Price
Bible Dictionary M.G. Easton
Bible Myths And Their Parallels In Other Religions T.W. Doane
Biblical Errancy McKensey
Biblical Myth And Rabbinic Mythmaking Michael Fishbane
Biblical Nonsense
Bigotry Demolished_The Close Communion Baptists Refuted (1880) Rev. George Moore
Book Of Revelation – Complete Idiot Guide (2002) Stan Campbell and James S. Bell Jr
Christianity and Mythology John Robertson
Christianity As Mystical Fact And The Mysteries Of Antiquity Rudolf  Steiner
Christianity Evidence, Origin, Morality & History Annie Besant
Christianity’s Dangerous Ideas (2007) Alister McGrath
Christianity Unveiled W.M. Johnson
Christianity Viewed In Light Of Present Knowledge And Moral Sense Charles Bray
Christians And The Holy Places; The Myth Of Jewish-Christian Origins (1993) Joan Taylor
Commentaries On Hebrew And Christian Mythology  Parish Ladd
Crimes of Christianity G. W. Foote And J. M. Wheeler
Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered Robert Eisenman and Michael Wise
Dictionary Of Biblical Criticism And Interpretation Stanley Porter
Did Jesus Christ Really Live? Marshall J. Gauvin
Does God Exist? A debate between John Koster & Frank Zindler
Dr Wiseman’s Popish Literary Blunders Exposed (1860) Charles Collette
Egyptian Mythology And Egyptian Christianity Samuel Sharpe
Esoteric Christianity or Lesser Mysteries  Annie Besant
Forbidden Gospels and Epistles, v1 Archbishop Wake
Forgery In Christianity Joseph Wheless
Gods Of New Millenium
Handbook of Freethought W.S. Bell
History and the Gospel (1938) C.H. Dodd
History Of The Warfare Of Science With Theology In Christendom Andrew Dickson White
Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln
Israel and Babylon Herman Gunkel
Is the Bible Divine Robert Roberts
Is The Bible The Word Of God?  Emmett F. Fields
Is The Bible Indictable Annie Besant
Judaism And Christianity, 2000 Years Of Lies & 60 Years Of State Terrorism (2008) Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Leviathan  Thomas Hobbes
Light on the Old Testament from Babel Albert Clay
Lost Books Of The Bible For Dummies Dr.Daniel L. Smith-Christopher and Stephen Spignesi
Lost Christianities: The Battle For Scripture And The Faiths We Never Knew (2003) Bart Ehrman
Mark’s Other Gospel (2005) Scott Brown
Men, Women, And Gods Helen Gardener
Mistake Of Christendom Or Jesus And His Gospel Before Paul And Christianity George Stearns
My Path to Atheism Annie Besant
Objections Sustained Kyle Gerkin
Objections to Christian Belief D.M MacKinnon, A.R. Vidler, H.A. Williams, and J.S. Bezzant
Old Testament Life and Literature Gerald Larue
Origin And Character Of The Bible (1924) Jabez Thomas Sunderland
Origins of the Kabbalah R.J. Zwi Werblowsky
Pagan And Christian Creeds_Their Origin And Meaning (1921) Edward Carpenter
Pagan Christianity (2007) Frank Viola and George Barna
Pagan Christs John Robertson
Pagan City And Christian Capital – Rome In The Fourth Century (2000) John Curran
Paganism Surviving In Christianity (1892) Abram Herbert Lewis
Palmer’s Letters To Wiseman On The Errors Of Romanism (1849) William Palmer
Peter, Paul And Mary Magdalene (2006) Bart Ehrman
Plagues, Priests And Demons (2005) Daniel Reff
Priestcraft: A Study In Unnecessary Fiction (1921) Hugh Stutfield
Priesthood And Clergy Unknown To Christianity (1857) Campaginator
Religion Of Israel To The Exile Karl Budde
Roman Forgeries And Falsifications (1849) Rev. Richard Gibbins
Romanism Unknown To Primitive Christianity Rev. Canon of Lincoln
Scribal Culture And The Making Of The Hebrew Bible (2007) Karel Van Der Toorn
Studies In The History Of Religions David Gordon Lyon and George Foot Moore
The Age of Reason Thomas Paine
The Bible Unholy Origins Robert L. Johnson
The Bible Unmasked Joseph Lewis
The Bible Vs. Tradition (1853) Aaron Ellis
The Cambridge History of Christianity, vol. 1, Origins to Constantine (2006)
The Cambridge History Of Christianity, Vol. 2, Constantine To C. 600 (2007)
The Cambridge History Of Christianity, Vol 3, Reform And Expansion, 1500-1660 (2007)
The Cambridge History Of Christianity, Vol. 4, Christianity In Western Europe 1100–1500 (2009)
The Cambridge History Of Christianity, Vol. 5, Eastern Christianity (2006)
The Cambridge History Of Christianity, Vol. 6, Reform And Expansion, 1500–1660 (2007)
The Cambridge History Of Christianity, Vol. 7, Enlightenment, Reawakening And Revolution, 1660–1815 (2006)
The Cambridge History Of Christianity, Vol. 8, World Christianities, 1815–1914 (2006)
The Cambridge History Of Christianity, Vol. 9, World Christianities, 1914–2000 (2006)
The Canon of the Bible Larry Taylor
The Case Against God George Smith
The Chaldean Account Of Genesis George Smith
The Christ John E. Remsberg
The Christian Creed Annie Besant
The Creed Of Christendom William Rathbone
The Dark Side of Christian History (1995) Helen Ellerbe
The Dead Sea Scriptures (with notes and introduction) Theodor H. Gaster
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception (1993) Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh
The Enemies Of Books William Blades
The Evidences Against Christianity I John Hittell
The Evidences Against Christianity II John Hittell
The First Coming How Kingdom Of God Became Christianity Thomas Sheehan
The Forged Origins of The New Testament Tony Bushby
The Formation Of The New Testament Canon Richard Carrier
The Fourth Gospel In Research And Debate (1910)   Benjamin Wisner Bacon
The Genesis Of Genesis-Bibles Within The Bible (1892) Benjamin Wisner Bacon
The History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon Bart Ehrman
The Influence of Greek Ideas and Usages upon the Christian Church Edwin Hatch
The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings Bart Ehrman
The Origin And Development Of The Christian Dogma (1888) Charles Tuthill
The Origins and Progress, Cruelties, Frauds Of Church Of Rome (1856) A book of Tracts
The Gentile Times Reconsidered Carl Olof Jonsson
The Hidden History Of Jesus And The Holy Grail  Sir Laurence Gardener
The Historical Jesus And Mythical Christ Gerald Massey
The History Of Christianity Vol I II Andrew Stephensen
The Jesus Of The Gospels & The Influence Of Christianity Debate Rev. A Hatchard and Annie Besant
The Jesus Papers-Exposing The Greatest Cover Up In History (2006) Michael Baigent
The Jesus Puzzle: Was There no Historical Jesus? Earl Doherty
The Legends of Genesis Hermann Gunkel
The Life Of Jesus Ernest Renan
The Mythical Interpretations Of The Gospels
The Rationalists Manual M. D. Aletheia
The Savage Text: The Use And Abuse Of The Bible (2008) Adrian Thatcher
The Secret Of The East Or The Origin Of Christian Religion Felix Oswald
The True Message Of Jesus Christ Dr. Bilal Philips
The Truth About Jesus M.M. Mangasarian
This Tragic Gospel: How John Corrupted The Heart Of Christianity (2008) Louis A. Ruprecht Jr
Truth And Falsehood In Religion (1907) William Ralph Inge
Truth in Translation Jason David BeDuhn
What was “the Blood of Jezreel”? (2008) Farrell Till
Why I Believed Reflections Of A Former Missionary Kenneth W. Daniels
Why I Don’t Buy The Resurrection Story
Why I Left The Ministry And Became An Atheist Vincent Runyon

A Biographical Dictionary Of Ancient, Medieval, And Modern Freethinkers  Joseph McCabe
A Companion To The Reformation World (2004)  R. Po-chia Hsia
A Course in Miracles
A Popular History Of Priestcraft In All Ages And Nations (1833)  William Howitt
A Refutation Of Sundry Baptist Errors (1841) Edwin Hall
American Indian Religious Traditions Suzanne J. Crawford and Dennis F. Kelley
Anselm and the Logic of Illusion Zaine Ridling
Answering the Jews Rev. S. Thelwall
Archeology vs The Bible (2000) Haim Watzman
Babel and Bible Friedrich Delitzsch
Christ and AntiChrist Rev Samuel Cassels
Confessions Of An Abortionist Martin Avery
Contemporary Paganism (2005) Carol Barner-Barry
European Paganism (2000) Ken Dowden
Faith or Fact Henry Taber
God and Whose Army Ian Anderson
Modern Paganism in World Cultures (2005) Michael Strmiska
Modern Universalism Exposed Parsons Cooke
Money Making Bible Hucksters Wordweaver
Mysticism In the World’s Religions  Geoffrey Parrinder
Reading The Human Body Mladen Popovic
Reason The Only Oracle Of Man Ethan Allen
Religions Of Ancient China Herbert Giles
Romish Indulgences Of Today (1902) Fulano
Sifting The Cinders Of The Cathars
The Calvinistic Doctrine Of Predestination Examined And Refuted (1855) Francis Hodgson
The Descent Of Man Charles Darwin
The First Crusade and the idea of crusading Jonathan Riley-Smith
The Frauds Of Romish Monks And Priests (1821)  A Frenchman
The High History Of The Holy Graal Author Unknown
The Jesus Family Tomb Simcha Jacobovici And Charles Pellegrino
The Outcast W. Winwood Reade
The Plain Truth About God Allen Janssen
The Price Of Priestcraft (1904) Howard Evans
The Profits Of Religion Upton Sinclair
The Renaissance, Protestant Revolution And Catholic Reformation (1926) Edward Maslin Hulme
The Satanic Bloodlines Fritz Springmeier
The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie
The Significance Of The Protestant Reformation (1918) Lynn Harold Hough
The Three Imposters Author Unknown
The Two Reformations (2003) Heiko Oberman
Universalism Examined And Refuted (1835) Luther Lee
Universalism Not Of The Bible (1874)  Rev. Nathan Dow George
Universalism Unmasked (1837) James Davis

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