A Bit Of Church History
A Critique of Fundamentalism
A Preacher Advocates Church Taxation
A Rejoinder to Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict
A Verdict on Josh McDowell
ADL Rewrites New Testament
An Enquiry Concerning The Evangelical Religion
Argument from Insufficient Knowledge of the Bible for the Nonexistence of the God of Christianity
Bible Morality
Biblical Evidence Of Reincarnation
By This Time He Stinketh
Can Mystical Experience be a Perception of God?
Christianity and Agnosticism
Christianity And Civilization
Christianity and Paganism
Christianity’s “absolute morality” is neither absolute nor a good morality
Commandments Five to Eleven
Confessions of an Australian Atheist
Confessions of an Evangelical Atheist
Copin’ with Copan
Critique of John Warwick Montgomery’s Apologetics
Critique of John Warwick Montgomerys Arguments for the Legal Evidence for Christianity 
Critique of Josh McDowells Non-Messianic Prophecies
Critique of Maisel’s “Is Jesus God?” pamphlet
Critique of Moreland’s Scaling the Secular City
Critique of New Testament Reliability and “Bias” in NT Development
Damnable Syllogism
Despair Optimism And Rebellion
Does the Free-Will Defense Constitute a Sound Theodicy?
Double-talk in Defense of the Dubious: God’s “Respect” and “Forgiveness”
Doubts In Dialogue
Earliest Christianity
Examining Miracle Claims
From Believer to Atheist
From Fundamentalist to Freethinker: It All Began with Santa
rom Fundamentalist to Humanist
From Missionary Bible Translator To Agnostic
From Taoist To Infidel
From Which Religious Sect Did Jesus Emerge?
GA Wells Replies to Criticisms of his Books on Jesus
Genealogical Saga of Judaism
Ghosts, Vampires, Pat Robertson and Other Scary Creatures
God or Blind Nature
Helping God Help Us Help Ourselves
How I Walked Away
How To Handle Bibliolaters
Is Christianity Absurd?
Is The Bible The Word Of God?
Jeremiah’s New Covenant vs. Christianity
Jesus Teachings, Christ, Devil, Atheism
Jesus Under Fire
Judaism and Jewish Apologetics
Kerygmatic Sources of the Jesus Movement
Kooks and Quacks of the Roman Empire: A Look into the World of the Gospels
Luke and Josephus
Luke and Quirinius
Mistakes Of Jesus
My Post Christian Testimony
National Bible Week
On the Nature of Morality
On The Problem Of Unjustifiable Suffering
Pagan Roots of Trinitarianism
Patrick Glynn’s God: the Evidence
Problems with Heaven
Prophecy and Palimpsest
Reliability And Belief
Revelation’s Place in the Christian Bible
Review of Can We Trust the New Testament?
Review of The Case Against Christianity
Review of The Hidden Face of God
Review of The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark
Review of In Defense of Miracles
Review of Answers to Tough Questions
Review of Fighting Words
Review of Jesus After 2000 Years
Review of More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell
Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus
Skepticism and McDowell’s “Proof”
Ten Golden Words
The Bible’s Unholy Origins
The Absurd Life Barabbas and Christ
The Apology of John Paul II
The Apostles
The Argument from Nonbelief : A Rejoinder
The Arguments from Confusion and Biblical Defects
The Arguments From Evil and Nonbelief
The Bible Unearthed
The Big Bang Argument For The Existence Of God
The Church Is A Burden, Not A Benefit, In Social Life
The Claims of Christianity Examined from a Rationalist Standpoint
The Errancy of Fundamentalism Disproves the God of the Bible
The Gospel of John and the Hellenization of Jesus
The Great Preposterous
The Heart Of the Bible
The Human Origin of the Bible: How Nicaea Defined God with a Vote
The Incoherence of Original Sin and Substitutive Sacrifice
The Institution Narrative of Luke 22:19-20
The Jesus Story
The Little Known Literary Battles Between the Gospel Writers
The Lowdown on God’s Showdown
The Poverty of Theistic Morality
The Riddle of the Four Faces: Solving an Ancient Mystery
The Secret Gospel of Mark
The Strategies of Christian Fundamentalism
The Trilemma Lord, Liar Or Lunatic?
The Trinity Doctrine/Dogma Exposed
The Uniqueness Of The Bible
Was Christ a Political and Social Reformer?
Why Christians Must Steal From Secular Morality
Why I Am An Infidel
Why I Am No Longer a Christian
Why I Am Not a Christian
Why I Quit Going To Church
Why Jesus Isn’t Coming Again


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