The Resurrection

A Resurrection Debate The New Testament Evidence in Evangelical and in Critical Perspective
An Inquiry intoDavis Account of the Possibility of Rational Belief and Rational Scepticism in the Resurrection of Jesus
A Resurrection Debate The New Testament Evidence in Evangelical and in Critical Perspective
Apocryphal Apparitions
By This Time He Stinketh
Craigs Empty Tomb & Habermas on Visions
Critique of John Warwick Montgomerys Arguments for the Legal Evidence for Christianity
Davis on the Rationality of Belief in the Resurrection
Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?
“Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?” Debate between Michael Horner and Dan Barker.
Did Paul’s Men Hear a Voice?
Did They Tarry in the City?
Does 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 Teach a Physical or a Spiritual Resurrection?
Historical Evidence and the Empty Tomb Story
How Did the Apostles Die?
How Not to Argue Against the Historicity and Resurrection of Jesus
Jewish Law, the Burial of Jesus, and the Third Day
New Testament accounts of The Resurrection
On Paul’s Theory of Resurrection: The Carrier-O’Connell Debate (2008)
Rebuttal to Tomb Burial by Joseph of Arimathea
Reply To Glenn Miller On The Burial Of Jesus
Review of “The Resurrection Factor” by Josh McDowell (1982)
Review of Jesus After 2000 Years (2006)
Review of On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (2005)
Review of Reasonable Faith (2007)
Review of The Resurrection of Christ (2008)
Review of The Riddle of Resurrection (2009)
The Argument from the Bible (1996)
The Craig-Lüdemann Debate Michael Martin and Tyler Wunder
The Death of Christ (1896)
The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave
The Geisler Till Debate Did Jesus ofNazarethBodily Rise from the Dead? (1994)
The Historicity Of Jesus’ Resurrection The Debate between Christians and Skeptics
The Historicity of the Empty Tomb Evaluated (2001)
The Horner Till Debate Did Jesus Rise Bodily From the Dead? (1995)
The Jury Is In The Ruling on McDowell’s “Evidence”
The Man with No Heart: Miracles and Evidence
The Miracle of the Resurrection
The Perman-Till Debate on the Resurrection (1996-1997)
The Rest of the Story
The Resurrection Maze
The Resurrection of Osiris According to Farrell Till
The Rubicon Crossing and the Resurrection (against the argument)
Was Christianity Too Improbable to be False? (2006)
Why Did the Apostles Die?
Why Didn’t They Know?
Why I Am Not a Christian (2000)
Why I Don’t Buy the Resurrection Story (6th ed., 2006)


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