Brunner’s Gottkoenigs & the Nativity of Jesus: A Brief Communication
Can the Historical Jesus be Made Safe for Orthodoxy?
Christ a Fiction (1997)
Detoxifying Self-Deception
Did Jesus Christ Really Live?
Did Jesus Exist?
Did Jesus Exist? Earl Doherty and the Argument to A historicity
Historicity Of Jesus FAQ (1994)
Jesus: Fact or Fiction
Review of The Historical Figure of Jesus (2008)
Severus Is Not Quoting Tacitus: A Rebuttal to Eric Laupot (2006)
Tacitus Fragment 2 The Anti-Roman Movement of the Christiani and the Nazoreans (2000)
Testimonium Flavianum
Thallus: an Analysis (1999)
The Date of the Nativity in Luke (5th ed., 2006)
The Jesus of History: A Reply to Josh McDowell
The Jesus Papyrus – Five Years On
The Search for the Historical Jesus
The Search for Jesus
The search for no-frills jesus
The Twelve: Further Fictions From The New Testament
Where Jesus Never Walked 
Who Was the Historical Jesus?


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